Caise Letters

Theme: Bridging the Silos

Engineering real-world information systems requires a coherent design encompassing human, organizational, economic, societal, and technological aspects. Information systems are applied in diverse contexts such as business process management, geographical information systems, and digital twins. The discipline continually evolves with trends in data science, machine learning, process mining, blockchain, mobile computing, sustainability, new regulations, cyber warfare, and military conflicts, all influencing its development. Each application context and emerging trend can lead to specializations within information systems engineering, necessitating various research traditions and needs. While beneficial, these specializations risk creating silos. Thus, the CAiSE conference, the premier event for this discipline, aims to prevent such fragmentation.
Therefore, the theme for this year’s CAiSE conference is "Bridging the Silos." We encourage submissions that consider information systems engineering as a cohesive design involving multiple aspects. Submissions focused on specific specializations should explicitly position their results within the broader context to engage researchers across different areas and avoid silo formation.