The International Workshop on the Foundations and Applications of Capabilities in Enterprises, and Transformations and ESG

The International Workshop on the Foundations and Applications of Capabilities in Enterprises, and Transformations and ESG Initiatives seeks to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of capability mapping, a pivotal tool in Enterprise Architecture and transformations. The workshop aims to consolidate divergent perspectives on the scientific foundations of capability mapping, including its ontology, meta-models, and notations, and seeks empirical studies into its practical applications, notably in strategic and digital transformations and ESG initiatives. Accepted contributions will be the basis for active, discussion-oriented sessions, fostering collaborative research and constructive discourse. The workshop’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the academic underpinning of capability mapping and broaden its practical applications. In order to realize this, the workshop will extend the call for contributions towards practitioners. With a keen focus on open discussions and practical presentations, it aims to foster a vibrant community committed to defining, understanding, and applying capability mapping in various contexts.

BES2023 4th International Workshop on Blockchain and Enterprise Systems

In the modern interconnected society, there is a growing need for coordination among different organisations, asking for trustable solutions in enterprise systems which integrate well-defined principles and practices for successful development. To achieve this, organizations need to close the gap between business, information, processes and technology necessary to achieve their final strategy. Blockchain can bring huge advantages by guaranteeing the integrity and immutability of data without relying on a central entity, permitting a tamper-proof execution of contractual obligations among the involved organisations. However, recent challenges should be addressed, especially in supporting multiple blockchain platforms and related smart contracts, breaking the technological barriers for enterprises. The aim of the workshop is to change the way to think, design and implement enterprise systems contributing to breaking the technological barriers for wider use of the blockchain and proposing novel approaches for the definition of enterprise systems.

BES2023 4th  International Workshop on Blockchain and Enterprise Systems

2nd International Workshop on Digital Twin Engineering

As of the growing interest in gestating digital twins for planning and operating long-living, complex cyber-physical assets, information systems research is now faced with new challenges to develop applicable and profitable methodologies and frameworks for engineering and maintaining these virtual replicas of cyber-physical assets for various industrial domains. A potential remedy lies in tight collaboration with industrial and economic stakeholders for devising tangible application scenarios to drive the actual gestation of digital twins by providing a basis for practical requirements elicitation. The goal of this workshop thence is to provide a seminal platform for discussing current progress and state-of-the-art in digital twin engineering and emerging application areas as well as challenges ahead of the ongoing digitalization of our society and industry.

2nd International Workshop on Digital Twin Engineering (DTE) 2023